The increasing interest and passion for vintage cars is encouraging enthusiasts all over the world to seek in motoring historical models the fantastic feeling of pure and gritty driving, lacking in the exasperated technology which deprives the driver of the capability and the excitement of dominating a vehicle.
That is how Gentlemen-drivers come to light, non-professional drivers racing on vintage cars to emulate the champions they used to see shooting across their town when they were children.
Some of these Alfa Romeo brand fanatics, decide to gather their vintage cars prepared exclusively for racing and to forget about the boring vintage cars Sunday parade to start competing in real vintage cars championships.
This is the emergence of Scuderia del Portello – Alfa Romeo: vintage Alfa Romeo racing cars. This denomination for Portello lasted until 1989. During the first 8 years, the group of car owners, supported by the car-maker in managing public relations and racing image, has been competing in Italian and European vintage cars championships. The club growth is exponential, to the point that Alfa Romeo decides to entrust Portello with the vehicles of its historical museum: the unique models of the amazing heritage of Italian motoring are used by the racing stable’s drivers and only for relevant events.

1989: Two important events take place: the transfer of the Alfa-Lancia brands from the national corporation IRI to the FIAT group and the beginning of the crisis in the market of vintage cars, which had very well performed in previous years, driving auctions and collectors worldwide crazy.
The new company strategy gives mandate to Scuderia del Portello of representing on track the technological development of the Alfa Romeo Sport brand, participating in international races and getting involved in modern cars championships.
The denomination changes causing the loss of some of Portello’s historical character: Auto Alfa Romeo da competizione (i.e. Alfa Romeo racing cars). Portello becomes the link between the culture of vintage sport cars and the technological research of modern sport cars.

1989-1990:  Scuderia del Portello’s mark changes: the Alfa Romeo crest remains in evidence, but the graphics become more up-to-date. In these two years Scuderia del Portello wins important national and international prizes, but, most importantly, it participates for two years in a row to the Carrera Panamericana du Mexico: the recollection of a historical competition that, in the 50’s and 60’s, had great brands and drivers challenging in exciting duels, while crossing Mexico from South to North. The first year Scuderia del Portello competes with four Alfa Romeo 1900 Sedan and Coupé, winning the Turismo Produción category with the couple FINI-STANGUELLINI. The second year the stable participates with three Alfa Romeo Sedan and one Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce which, driven by the crew CAJANI-HOHENLOHE, will reach the sixth place before being stopped by an accident the last day of competition. Portello starts getting known as a club capable of organizing wonderful events for its drivers.

1991: Scuderia del Portello begins an investment campaign to increase the image of the racing stable on international championships. This decision is taken since there are more than 200 partners able to set a fleet of racing vintage Alfa Romeo superior to any other in the world. The President of Scuderia del Portello, Marco Cajani buys three trucks to transport the vehicles on track, three garage tents for the maintenance and assistance of the cars in paddocks, one hospitality tent for the management of public relations with partners, drivers, executives and sponsors. The European Vintage Cars Championship becomes more and more competitive, and gentlemen drivers hire professional drivers to excel. Preparation costs start to increase considerably too.

1992: Portello starts entering the world of modern racing cars: an Ermolli Alfa Boxer represents Scuderia del Portello in the Formula Europe Boxer Championship. This experiment is not successful. Portello participates with two Alfa Romeo 75 in the Nurburgring twenty-four-hour race, the most famous duration race for touring cars that takes place on the old Nurburgring track (22 km) and in which 210 vehicles start at the same time. After the first experience, the partners of Scuderia del Portello start becoming fond of duration race with modern cars. The participation in the Nurburgring twenty-four-hour race is now a traditional event in the club annual sport program.

1993-1995: Scuderia del Portello faces the adventure of two historical recollections of motoring races: The London-Sydney Marathon and the London-Mexico Marathon. Marco Cajani and Antonello Macellari run the first race on an Alfa Romeo Giulia T.I. Super 1600. They cover 1800 km through 3 continents finishing in twentieth place. The same couple competes in the second race on an Alfa Romeo G.T.A. 1300 junior while Alda Tassi and Alberto Spotti race on an Alfa 2000. Throughout the 36000 km covered, the vehicles are forced to withdrawal due to the floods of the Amazon River in Brazil. These two big races make the brand Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo well known worldwide. Up to the present, our club is able to contact and organize Alfa Romeo world clubs.

On July 4, 1994, Bruno Bonini, manager of Scuderia del Portello, dies on a Giulia GTA at the six-hour race of Spa-Francorchamps; Alfa tester for 40 years and assigned to the Historical Museum, he had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Alfa brand.

1996-1997: for the second time in its history Portello gets two European prizes: one for touring cars, and one for grand-touring cars. Scuderia del Portello starts its real activity in the modern cars world: the “Alfa Romeo Motorsport cars service” is created. During the Italian Touring Car Champuionship (C.I.V.T.) Portello offers to Alfa Sport Clients, owners of racing Alfa vehicles, the technical structure on track for transportation and the assistance in managing the brand image, press and car maintenance. Within the CIVT framework the Scuderia del Portello Lady Team is created: one Alfa Romeo 155 is available for five women-drivers, which take turns in driving it to prove female sprinting qualities. The magazine Donna Moderna is partner in this operation.
Scuderia del Portello Japan is founded, located at Fiat Auto Japan, gathering Alfa Romeo fanatics overseas.

1998: Alfa Romeo presents the ultimate sport sedan “Alfa 156”: synthesis of fifty years of the Alfa Romeo styling and technology. Scuderia del Portello creates for Alfa “History of Alfa Romeo sport sedans”, an itinerant museum showing the 10 vehicles that, since 1950, have been in every Italian motorist’s dreams, starting from the legendary Alfa 1900 to Alfa 156. Portello wins the last European prize for Vintage cars with Giulietta T.I., driven by Antonio Maglione and Marco Cajani. The Service Program lines-up 12 Alfa 156 in C.I.V.T., with three of Italy’s most important Alfa distributors.
The Lady Team program exalts Alfa 156’s Italian Style: an Alfa 156 painted by Enzo Esposito is prepared for the driver Prisca Taruffi (Piero’s daughter). This car will become the promotional symbol and image of Alfa 156 all over the world.

1999: Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo competes in 5 different championships, mobilizing 25 drivers and 40 vintage and modern cars. Portello wins four of the five prizes aimed: European Touring prize, best C.I.V.T. male-driver (Costantino Bertuzzi), best C.I.V.T. female-driver (Stefania Grassetto), and best racing stable.
Scuderia del Portello is recognized as the only club in the world to run with Alfa Romeo vehicles in any Official Championship allowing it. Portello proves to be able to organize real Championships on its own (i.e. Giulia Giulietta Trophy).

2000: Almost twenty years of competitions, unbelievable challenges around the world, unique cars and international partners, victories and prizes obtained wherever it has raced: this is how Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo presents itself to its competitors for every event of the new millennium.

2001: in season 2001, an Alfa 147 racing for Portello has well honoured the Arese car-maker. At the steering wheel was Fabio Francia, the twenty-year-old son of great champion Giorgio, many times winner of the Italian and European title with Alfa Romeo, whose debut was successful. Thanks to many exalting victories (in Magione, Mugello, and Monza) and important rankings, the season peaked with the title achievement: a prestigious result directing the spotlight and the attention of the press on a very talented driver.
The year 2001 continued with the participation in the Nurburgring twenty-four-hour race with 4 cars, with the traditional London-Sydney Race and with the challenge of the historical Targa Florio, both as organizing institution and as racing team.

2002: Scuderia del Portello celebrates its 20th birthday.

2003: Scuderia del Portello runned the following races and demostrations:
- “ 53° Coppa Intereuropa “ Autodromo di Monza - with 20 Alfa Romeo historic cars. Scuderia del Poertello won the absolute title of the  "Monza Endurance" .
-  “24h Nurburgring” con le Alfa Romeo 156 Superproduzione GR N Internazionale driven by international pertners, one of these is the Australian driver Ross Zampatti.
- Circuito “Grand Prix del Nurburgring – 500 Km Marathon Youngtimer” for the historic cars.
- “ 6 ore Misano notturna” with an Alfa Romeo 147 JTD that won the victory of the class.
- “Circuito di Santamonica Misano Adriatico”  italian campionship of the historic cars. Scuderia del Portello won the 2° place of the class with an Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV.

2004: Scuderia won shiny results attending to the national and international demostrations:

-  “FIA European Historic Challenger “ in the 50° anniversary of Giulietta, Scuderia won the absolute title with an Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI 1300.
- “24 Ore Le Mans Classic” 1° place with an Alfa Romeo 3000 C.M.M. del 1951 driven by ex-driver of F.1 Phil Hill
- “Grand Prix de Monaco Historique” with an Alfa Romeo F.1 del 1961
- Tour de Espana with an Alfa Romeo Giulietta of 1957 driven by Jane Sage, Scuderia won the absolute victory
- “Goodvood Revival Meeting “ with an Alfa Romeo 1900 and with Giulietta TI.
- “Campionato ETCS “ Superdiesel Challenge with an Alfa Romeo 147 driven by australian partner Ross Zampatti  and Carlo Mursia.

2005:Scuderia del Portello runned the following races and demostrations:
- “European Challenge for Historic Cars “- for the 40° anniversary of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, the partner Anton Dieter Karl with an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA won the 1° absolute place of the cat. TC’65
- “Tour de France ”
- “Modena 100 ore Classic”
- “ 54° Coppa Intereuropa” Autodromo di Monza – Scuderia lined up 14 Alfa Romeo GTA for the 40° anniversart of the A.R. GTA.
- “Goodwood Festival of Speed”
- “400 Km Marathon Nurburgring” – “Oldtimer Grand Prix”
- “ Goodwood Revival Meeting “
- “Tour de Espana”  - A. R. 1900 SS Zagato 1° absolute place
- “Campionato ETCS” with an A.R. 147 Superdiesel driven by Ross Zampatti/Carlo Mursia, Scuderia won the victory of 24h special up to 2,5 cc class.

2006:Scuderia del Portello runned the following races and demostrations:
- “European Challenger for Historic cars” -FIA Historic GT Cup  
    1° place FIA Period E cars cup to 2500cc
      with A.R. 1900 Css Z del ’54 piloti R.Zampatti/W.Antonacci
-“Gran Prix de Monaco Historic”: Alfa Romeo, pilota Michael Gans.
-“24 Ore Le Mans Classic (Centenario): A.R. 3000 CM  del socio pilota Joe Colasacco – 2° place
-“100 ore di Modena”
-“Godwood –Festival of Speed”: A.R. prototipo 33/2 ’67- Centenary
-“400 Km del Nurburing “: 3 cars:-A.R-GTAM-A.R. 1750 GTV- AR Giulia GTA. Nel Challenge 100 U2TC soci Scotti/Scotti,su AR GTA 1° posto assoluto. I soci Dooley/Penfold con ARGiulietta TI 1° posto di classe
-“Godwood Revival meeting: vittoria di classe con AR 3000 CM di Lariana pilotata dal socio Derek Hill.
-“Tour de Espana.: 3 groups:- AR 1900Css Z- AR Giulia Sprint GT- AR 1750 GTAM. Sage-Entremont su AR 1900 Touring.  2°e 3° withAR GTA 1600 and AR 1900 CSS Z.

2010: Centenary Alfa Romeo Club participates in national and international competitions:
- "22 ° Winter Marathon" Madonna di Campiglio. The Scuderia prepares Giulietta Ti '57 for the famous drivers Mario Passante and Francesco Messina. Unlucky break last day.
- "13th Monte Carlo Rally Historique" The club participates with the '59 Alfa Giulietta Sprint Veloce, pilots J. Wright / S. Traverso, 1st class, '57 Giulietta Ti British female crew.
- "9th Reenactment Milano - Sanremo" The team rose Club N. Di Franco / S. Indelicato, won two trophies with Alfa GT Junior '72, no other American women's team with Giulietta SV of '59, Giulietta good placement of 57 pilots A.Vespertino / D.Indelicato
- "19 ° Optic Tour Auto 2000" Everywhere appointment Scuderia is present with the same cars the previous year; Cajani / Zamuner 7 th place overall 2 nd class
- "A Thousand Miles" Ben prestigious 5 cars lined up at the starting line: 1900 Alfa Short race of '52, Alfa 1900 SS 57; Giulietta spider "sebring" of 56, the TI 1900 Alfa 53; Giulietta Berlina of 57, (crew exception of the Ministers Frattini and Prestigiacomo)
- "58 ° Intereuropa Cup." For the third year with the Scuderia has organized the event that the circuit draws 300 cars from across E.uropa. The European Championship of the F1 year 60/70, Group C prototypes, the historic cars of F3 and F2 were the perfect backdrop for the celebrations of the centenary of Alfa Romeo. Juliets protagonists in the race "Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cup Trophy Scuderia del Portello, entered Juliets sedan, sprint, sprint and special, Zagato, SS and Sz del'61 SZ.Al wheel of a champion American Bobby Rahal, Indy-winning in Car, while Arturo Merzario was driving Giulietta SV of '59. Winner Wolfgang Messner Juliet with 1.3 "short tail" The Scuderia has awarded trophies to the memory of Dino Morazzoni, Gino Renato Monzeglio Munaron and the race winning drivers U2TC.
- "Classic Modena 100 hours." Three Alfa and three placings with GTAM 1750 Alfa Spider and Alfa 750 type Sebring
- "Goodwood Festival" featuring the Alfa for the Centenary celebrations, the Club is included with AR 155 T.S.1.8. '93 and A.R. 33 / 2 periscope type Floran '67.
- "Silverstone Classic 4th place with GTA Fitzsimons / Furiani
- "Oldtimer - Nurburgring" present with the '71 Alfa 2000 GTV (Cajani / Cajani) and Alfa GTAM / Wright / Gans)
- "Oulton Park" Golden Cup: 1st Class J. Wright in the race "GT Sport Cup" with Alfa TZ1.
- 'Goodwood Revival' A revival studied in detail from fashion to cars, planes and motorcycles; M. Cajani the President is participating in the Gordon Trophy with Alfa De Tomaso F1 '61, Wright '63 ATS F1, Arturo Merzario with Alfa.
- "6 hours Spa Francorchamps: 3rd place with GTAM '75 Wright / Gans
- "300 km Vallelunga roesent 3alpha Scuderia 2000 GTV, Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, Alfa Sud 1500.
- "Championship U2TC are involved in bringing the colors of the British members Scuderia autodromidi in Zandvoort, Monza, Dijon, Silverstone, Spa, Portimao (Portugal)

2011: 150 years of Italian sports activities of the Club is as follows:
- "9th Reenactment Milan Sanremo: recorded 5 Alfa Giulietta Sprint fast '59 driving American pilot Nancy Thomas; aligned and in theme with the event three Alfa GT Junior '72 white, red and green, the Giulia TI Super' 63 to guide the club president Marco Cajani
         - "Donungton Historic Festival" The U2TC Championship which begins at Donington compete sees the Alfa GTA Jason Wright and Michael Gans, Simon Tate and Stuart Lawson, David Fitzsimons and Alex Furiani, pilots bearer of the Club
- "83 ° Mille Miglia" Scuderia del Portello house 5 Alfa Romeo namely: Alpha 1900 TI '53 (with livery of the Carrera Pan-American who participated in '54), Alpha 1900 TI Super del'54, to guide drivers Swedish T. Ring / O. Larsson, '56 Alfa Giulietta, Alfa Giulietta del'57; Alfa Giulietta Spider of '56.
         - "59 ° Coppa Intereuropa" The team participates in the organization of the event and promotes the "Trophy All Trophy Alpha and Juliet" Recognised 37 cars. Massimo Sordi won 1st place with Alfa GTAM1750. For the occasion Deaf receives a trophy to the memory of Richard Bona and the Trofeo Giulietta dedicated to the memory of Renato Monzeglio was won by Alfredo Scozzoli Saturday 4 to 18 at the press room of the racetrack Scuderia del Portello has organized the annual " Alfa Romeo Champion Award Ceremony 2010 "in the presence of the press, partners, drivers, sponsors, collaborators, sports personalities and representatives of the Foreign Club: Japan, Brazil, England, Portugal ..... Host Fabrizio Calia LA7
         - "Raid Brotherhood Toronto / New York: Once again, the Giulia was the star with a route from Canada - Toronto to get to New York in six days and with the same ethical purpose of the raid Shanghai / Milan.
This adventure has played a key role 6/2: - 4 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super, driving a Giulia Marco Cajani President of the Scuderia, 1 car assigned to a crew fixed photojournalists and journalists, 1 van 2 mechanical
- "Grand Prix De L'Age D'Or" Dijon President Marco Cajani with British pilots Jason Wright / Michael Gans / Alex Furiani and Arturo Merzario participated in the "1000 km" with Alfa Romeo 33TT / 3 .. In the championship match of U2TC return receipt GTA drivers Jason Wright and Michael Gans han won fourth place and a good time for Alex Furiani always on Alfa GTA '71.
         - "Goodwodd Festival of Speed" Appointment inevitable in the home of Lord March, present Cajani, Merzario, Wright Alfa 33TT / 3 of the '71 Alfa 155 and del'93 (ex Alfa Corse)
- "39 ° Oldtimer Grand Prix Nurburgring." Scuderia is present with two Alfa to compete in the "AvD Historic Marathon / Nurburgring Trophy". Driving Alfa GTV 2000 '71, the pilot Ross Zampatti (from Australia for the occasion) ran for 3 consecutive hours coming 6 th class, while driving Alfa GTAM team Jason wright / Michael Gans has the podium: 1st class.
- "Goodwood Revival" The president of the team Marco Cajani for the occasion driving an Alfa GT in the 1965 race with former U.S. F1 driver Eddie Cheever
- "Festiva Portimao Algarve Historic" You have the President of the Scuderia del Portello Marco Cajani with Alfa 33 TT / 3 of the race in '71 "1000 Km pre '72 prototypes" and Jason Wright / Michael Gans with Lola T70S, (3 ° absolute category at Spa-Francorchamps 25 weeks of Alfa GTA championship U2TC) they conclude Championship U2TC on this occasion.
- "300 Km Vallelunga" Participating riders Mario Cajani / Carlo Mursia driving Alfa 2000 GTV, Vinicio Marta / Marco Serve with Alfa GTAM 2nd class

2012: Celebrating the thirty years from 1982 to 2012
- "15th Historic Monte Carlo Rally," the crew Jason Wright / Stefano Traverso, from Barcelona at the helm of Alfa Giulietta Sprint Veloce 1.3 of '59 that won 2nd in class and 84 ° of 306 historic cars.
- "Milanoutoclassica" the Club to celebrate the 30th organizes the "Trophy of the Thirty Years Scuderia del Portello" at Milanoautoclassica in Fiera Milano Rho-for three days, setting up a track in front of the pavilions and promoting a SHOW MASTER 18 d of Alfa GT, GTA, and GTAm Giulia. Winner Jason Wright followed by Arturo Merzario for GTA, Sabino de Castro GTAm. On Saturday, for the first time there was the "Alfa Romeo Champion Award" at the Museum of Arese but not in meetings Autoclassica the presence of pilots, partners, journalists and clubs from all over the world, was broadcast a movie the achievements of 30 years of racing, presented the nice Savina Confaloni.
- "8th Grand Prix de Monaco Historic" as every two years, the team is present with DE Thomas F.1 motorized '61 Alfa Romeo driving the Australian Ross Zampatti.
- "A Thousand Miles" reported four cars: Alfa 1900 TI (who attended the Carrera) team with pink sisters Christina Von Schinkel and Caroline Koc, Alfa Romeo Spider Sebring drivers Zanardi / Tizzi; Alpha 1900 TI's '54 crew Shintaro Goto Japan and Takayoshi Matsui, Alfa Giulietta hatchback with German J.Isselhorst / Schippering. All cars have achieved good results.
- "60 ° Coppa Intereuropa" La Scuderia continued the festivities by organizing the "Trophy All Alfa" with 38 cars: Dieter Roschmann with GTAm winner awarded trophy Thirty Years ", the same trophy also went to the winner in the race with GTA Christian Ondrack "1000 KM Challenge" highlight of Intereuropa, Wright / Gans son arrived with Lola T70 2nd and Merzario / Cajani in 6th place with Alfa33TT / 3.
- "Goodwood Festival" The star was the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde presented. The Club raced Alfa Romeo F1 car tipo183T (turbo) to guide Marco Cajani.
- "Modena 100 hours classic" crew Ferretti / Orlandini participates with Alfa Giulietta Sprint Veloce del'60
- "Oldtimer Grand Prix Nurburgring" Scuderia continues the festivities and the podium with Alfa GTAm Jason Wright / Michael Gans in the championship race U2TC 1, ass, with Alfa GTV 2000 enrolled in the "Marathon", after 3 hours of racing, 4 ° of class to drive M. Cajani
- "Goodwood Revival" international event, these pilots Merzario, Cajani; Wright; Gans with Alfa TZ1 and ATS F1.
- "Eco Targa Florio" the Club participates with 4 prestigious Alfa: Alfa GT 1300 Junior Women's Team Of frank and daughter SORAJA 1, the "Cup ladies' and 2 ° categ, absolute 8 out of 80 competitors at the 1900 TI Alfa guide Cajani / Merzario; Alfa 1300 Junior crew MOTUL; Alfa 33/TT/3 who participated allaTarga Florio of 71
- "Championship Auto historical Italian" Fabio and Massimo Sordi won the Campionatocon GTAm and Morteo Emanuele Championship wins with TI Gioulietta
- "CampionatoU2TC the race track at Donington, Monza, Silverstone, Nurburgring, Barcelona, ​​Portimao, Dijon, Zandvoort, pilots Wright, Lawson, Fitzsimons, Furiani, Gans with AlfaGTA and Alfa TZ1 has brought color dellaScuderia across Europe.

2013 : 50th AUTODELTA
- "Raid India 2013 ' Jan. 24 /21 Feb.
To celebrate "50 Years of Julia" has been prepared by Giulia 1300 TI '66 Scuderia del Portello , driving the couple Rita and Roberto Chiodi, who already in 2007 with a Juliet Scuderia had participated in the ' Peking to Paris ' . They traveled 4,000 km from Delhi and return to the Arabian Sea through Rajasthan and Gujarat . The Julia made ​​her look good and arrived at the finish line without any problems between cars much more powerful
         - " 16th Monte Carlo Historic Rally " 25 Jan. / Feb. 1
The crew Jason Wright and Stefano Traverso driving AR GTA 1300 '68 has won 2nd place in class , 63 th overall out of 311 cars arriving at the finish line .
They have gone from Reims to find themselves in Valencia with 314 cars entered and from there to retrace the legendary route of 2,500 km For the first 4 days were 1st class despite the difficulties the weather and the special stages .
          - " Milan Autoclassica " 22/23/24 Febr
Despite the inclement weather and the snow has prevented the dispute last round on Sunday with 24 riders competed in the Master Show organized by the Club . Winners of the " Scuderia del Portello Autodelta Trophy " for the classes GTAm : 1st and 2nd Alexander Morteo Sabino de Castro , for GTA: Arturo Merzario 1st and 2nd Massimo Sordi. Giulietta Sprint : Gianni Giudici 1 ° , 2 ° Cristina Bona ; GTV , 2000: Sean Rigante ; Gt
- " Alfa Romeo Champion Award 2012" Feb. 23
the President of the Scuderia awarded the Alfa Romeo drivers winners in the various leagues classic cars 2012. Presenter sympathetic journalist Fabrizio Calia .
Reward representatives DdeI Club from Japan , Portugal, Mexico, the United States, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, personality , sponsors and journalists close to the world 's sports Club Milanese and collaborators of the Scuderia. A touching memory for friends who have left : Cesare Monti and Gianni Taroni Fernando Vaz Pinto. The President presents the programs in 2013 and informs the new constitution of the "Club 8C Competizione " reserved to the owners of 400 cars qs
          - " Donington Historic Festival " 3 / May 5
The Scuderia was present at the race with pre '63 GT '61 Alfa SZ , pilot Jason Wright who won the 3rd place of categ . In the championship match U2TC S.Lawson / Simon Tate Alfa GTAm have had good placement.
- "A Thousand Miles " 16/19 maggio
As every year the Club has written two beautiful Alfa Giulietta Spider Sebring '56 with crew representative Toru Sugawara Japan Club ( club secretary ) and Alfa 1900 CC del'52 riders Marco Cajani / Luigi Somaschini .
         - " 61 ° Coppa Intereuropa " Monza (31 mag / 2 giug )
Scuderia del Portello collaborated on qs international event and to celebrate "50 Years Autodelta " organize, at its paddock area , a display of cars that have made ​​the history of Reparto Corse Alfa Romeo and promotes a race "ALL ALFA - Trophy Autodelta " with 40 cars built between '55 and '71 : Juliets , TI, sprint , SS and SZ with a trophy dedicated to them . Giulia Ti, Giulia GTA1 , 3 and 1.6 , GTAm , Alfa , 1900.
1st place with Fabio Sordi GTAm del'69 , 2nd - 3rd Roschman - Furiani of similar cars
The pilots of the Club have been involved in other races : in U2TC Alex Furiani won the runner- final, while Marco Cajani got the 6th place in the 1000 km Race Sprint Challenge at the wheel of the prototype Alfa Romeo 33 TT 3.0
         - "Grand Prix de l'Age Or" Dijon 14/216 June
The drivers of the Scuderia Jason Wright , Michael Gans , Alex Furiani han participated with Alfa TZ1 and Alfa GTA at the Championship race U2TC - "24 Hours of Le Mans " 22/23 giugno
The pilot Jason Wright participated in the historic race , organized before the start of the "24 hour" modern , with Alfa TZ1 , winning the 2nd place in his class of 60 cars entered
         - " Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​" 11/14 luglio
protagonist was the Alfa Romeo with a number of historic cars from the Museum in Arese who have made ​​the history dell'AUTODELTA to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the home team fielded cars Alfa Romeo 183 F 1 type T ( turbo ) (which ran the World Championships 1984/85 with pilots Patrese / Cheever ) to guide Marco Cajani .
         - " 32 ° Cesana - Sestriere " 13/14 luglio
The international event organized by ACI Turin , in memory of Gianni Agnelli , saw 120 cars entered in the race uphill. The Club was present at the parade of 70 vintage cars with Alfa GTA ; GTAm ; Giulietta Spider prototype ( pilot Merzario Carrera Panamericana 2002 ) ; Motorized Sport AMS Alpha. In addition, the Scuderia has awarded Alfa Romeo cars faster with " Trophy 50th Autodelta " and " Trophy in memory of Renato Monzeglio "
         - " Silverstone Classic" 19 /21 July
Participating riders Jason Wright at the helm of Alfa SZ and Michael Gans with Alfa GTA that has sadly been buffered
         - " Oldtimer Grand Prix Nurburgring 41 ° " 8/9 agos
for Scuderia are entered in the race " AvD Historic Marathon / Nurburgring Trophy " ) Marco Cajani / Morteo Alexander 5 th overall at the wheel of the Alfa GTAm of '75 ,
Joined at the night race with Jason Wright Alfa SZ '61 wins the podium 1st class
         - " Goodwood Revival" 13/15 wk
. 's Box were displayed 360 historic cars , which depending on the type and capacity , Han participated in 16 races on the program , among them the cars of the Scuderia del Portello cars Alfa Romeo 183 F 1 type T ( turbo ) and Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider , car, driving type Sebring del'56 Marco Cajani . Joined to the races with Jason Wright Ford GT 40 and F1 ATZ
         - " Historic Racing Festival" Paul Ricard 31/1 settembre
300 vintage cars racing entered in 20 races on the program The Club was present with the riders Jason Wright / Michael Gans 1 with absolute Lola in the race, " 1000 km " and 5th in the race with Alfa GTA U2TC
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2014: 60th GIULIETTA
-17 ° Historic Rally Montecarlo Jan. 14/19
Jason Wright and Stefano Traverso, veteran pilots of qs great historic race, who have reported excellent results this year and arrived at the finish line 47th of 307 cars, 1st class, first absolute
-Goodwood Club Meeting 29/30 March
Event invitation dedicated exclusively to members of the British Automobile Racing Club, Scuderia was present with the cars of members English: Alfa Giulietta Sprint Zagato Tail Trim '61 and Derrington Francis ATS GP '64 Jason Wright; Roz Shaw with Alfa Giulia Sprint GT '64 and representing Italy Marco Cajani with Alfa Romeo cars F 1 type 183 T (turbo).
-Milan Autoclassica 25/27 April
Champions 2013 awards ceremony AlfaRomeo
the Club organizes the 3rd Master Show "trophy Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo - Trophy" Giulietta "to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the car. On the square in front of the pavilions was apprestata a track where they performed gentlemen drivers driving Alfa GTA, GTAm, and Spider, SS and SZ, Giulietta Ti, Sprint and Spider and Giulia Super At the end was a classification only that saw excel Alessandro Morteo the wheel of a 1750 GTAm recognition also went to Ross Zampatti Australian
Simultaneously to Autoclassica the pilot of the Scuderia del Portello Mora Marco Lorenzo, won with Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm Alfa Cup race at Mugello
During the annual "Prize Giving Champion Alfa Romeo 2013" President Marco Cajani honored with a sculpture trophy riders who have excelled in the last season at the wheel of Alfa cars, in addition to members, journalists, sports personalities and collaborators from from different countries including England, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Japan.
-9 ° Grand Prix Historique Montecarlo 9/11 May
present Michael Gans, Jason Wright and Marco Cajani track with Alfa Romeo De Tomaso F1
-Donington Historic Festival 3/5 May
Present were the drivers of the Scuderia Jason Wright / Michael Gans in the race U2TC driving Alfa Romeo GTA '71 and Roz Shaw with Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT
-9 ° Bergamo Historic Grand Prix June 15
Scuderia was invited to the prestigious event with Alfa 33T / 3 driving Marco Cajani and Juliet sebring pilots Eugenio Moscow and Morteo Alessandro
-Goodwood Festival of speed 26/29 June
Scuderia with riders Marco Cajani, Arturo Merziario Jason Wright and Michael Gans has deployed a red Alfa Romeo 33 / tt / 3
-33 ° Cesana Sestriere 12/13 July
The Club in collaboration with ACI Torino organizes "Trophy ALL ALFA" in the speed race uphill for historic cars. The cars lined up: Giulietta TI and Sprint, the prototypes periscope 33/2 and 33 / TT 3000, De Tomaso F1 and Juliet Sebring. first class and Alessandro Emanuele Morteo, Eugenio Moscow with 2600 sprint and Gt Junior. Even the pilots Renato Benusiglio, Guanziroli Ruggero, Maurizio Primo with GTAm, Giulietta Sprint Veloce, TI Giulietta, Giulietta ss have given show
- "42 ° Old Timer Grand Prix" Nurburgring 8/10 August
Mythical meeting with members European riders: Theo Meinster from Holland, Belgium Antonacci Walter, Germany Hartmut Stoppel, England Jason Wright, Michael Gans, Roz Show, for Italy Marco Cajani, Morteo Alessandro and Emanuele and coming specifically from a few years from 'Australia Ross Zampatti. "Trophy Marathon" recognized Alfa 2000 GTV '71 (Cajani / Zampatti) and Alfa GTAm 1750 (Morteo / Morteo 3rd class); the race AvD Touring Car Trophy Giulietta you (Morteo / Morteo: 1st class)
- "Entertainment Sportivo Alfa Romeo" Zandvoort 23/24 August
the Dutch Alfa Romeo Club invited the Scuderia to attend a large gathering at the historic European circuit of Zandvoort, in particular to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Giulietta. Present 1200 Alfa Romeo models from all over Europe
The Club was present with 5 cars: Alfa GTV 2000. GTAm, Giulietta Ti '60, Alfa Romeo sports prototype 33/2 type periscope '66 and Juliet 750G Sebring. The President delivered a Cajani Trophy Scuderia del Portello to the organizers during the gala
-Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort 30/31 August
Members pilots of the Scuderia Jason Wright and Ivo Salvadori driving GTA
-28 ° Gran Premio Nuvolari Sept. 19/20
Joined the crew coming from 'Australia Zampatti Colin Zampatti and Cathryn for Alfa Romeo Giulietta sprint 1959
-6 Hours Spa Francorchamps 19/20 Sept.
The colors of the Scuderia del Portello were represented by pilots Jason Wright / Michael Gans driving Alfa GTA 1600 and the Belgian Walter Antonacci with Alfa TZ2
European Championship Auto Storiche U2TC Championship - Championship Mille Km-
Pilots Jason Wright and Michael Gans han attended all the races on the calendar with TZ1, GTA, GTAm reporting excellent results
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