“Alfa Romeo Champions” Award Ceremony

“A Trophy for Champions: Alfa Romeo awards its drivers with works of art by Italian avant-garde sculptors”. These were the opening words of the article that appeared in edition number 4 of the “Quadrifoglio” in July 1967. And so it was that Marco Cajani and Goffredo Chiavelli created an event for awarding all the Alfa Romeo drivers who had distinguished themselves in the season which has just closed. Such an important assembly had to be held in a place which was symbolic for Alfa Romeo, and it was to become the meeting place where journalists and sponsors would be given files containing press releases and pictures, and where the sporting programs would be discussed and promoted with all the club’s member and supporters. And last but not least, the supporters and members, along with other Alfa Romeo Champions, would be awarded a sculpture-trophy created for the occasion by famous artists. The 1992 Award Ceremony was organized at the Centro Sperimentale in Balocco to celebrate 10 years since the club was founded. The following year it was held at the Castello Sforzesco, in the presence of Mr. Formentini, the Mayor of Milan. In 1994, and for quite a number of years afterwards, it was to find its natural home in the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese, apart from some exceptional events (the Bridgestone/Firestone Centenary and Ninety Years of Alfa Romeo in the Monza race track). When safety works were started at the museum, Scuderia del Portello was “obliged” to use the press room at the Monza race track from 2010, during the weekend of the Intereuropa cup: in this context, most of the Scuderia del Portello Driver Members race in the “Tutto Alfa” trophy organized by the club. The 2012 the Award Ceremony was organized a few kilometers from Arese. During the Milano Autoclassica, Marco Cajani and Savina Confaloni awarded the trophy to 150 drivers, members and supporters of Scuderia del Portello. A special “Trophy Expo Scuderia del Portello” was created for the Award Ceremony while the EXPO 2015 trade fair was taking place in the Milan area; the prize was given to the people and companies who contribute to the history and image of the Lombardy car industry. The 2016 trophy, on the other hand, will be dedicated to an internationally important rally which the Scuderia del Portello will take part in with two Giulias: the 6th Peking to Paris.