A triumph for the  Scuderia del Portello which participated in the 24 Hours Classic (10-13 May) on the  Nürburgring‘s race track with two crews: Marco Cajani and Renato Ambrosi with an Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, Lorenzo Moramarco and Alessandro Morteo with an Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAM.

Highest place on the podium for the President of the Scuderia Marco Cajani and the driver member Renato Ambrosi, who arrived first in the third grouping, thus winning also the class.

The race, an endurance lasting 3 hours, took place on the legendary Nordschleife, the old Nürburgring’s circuit which is 22 kms long; on the same race track and in the same week end, also the 24 Hours for Gran Turismo modern cars and the FIA WTCR took place.