On occasion of the Gran Premio d’Italia di Formula 1, which took place on the Monza circuit the last week end, the town of Monza created a series of events, under the title “Monza Fuori GP”, which involved its center for the whole week.

Among them, on a stage located in piazza Trento e Trieste, Saturday September 1 took place the first event, “MOTORSPORT PASSION”, conceived and presented by Carlo Gaeta and Paolo Ciccarone (RMC Motori) in collaboration with the Scuderia del Portello.

During the event Marco e Andrea Cajani, respectively the President and the Team Manager of the Scuderia, together with the Regional Council Member Andrea Monti and the Regional Assessor for the Sport Martina Cambiaghi gave an award to Alex Caffi, former Formula 1 driver, Mario Isola, Manager at the Pirelli Motorsport, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Manager of F1, Andrea Levy, founder of the Salone di Torino Parco Valentino, Emanuele Pirro, driver, Elvio Menegaz, instructor at the Centri di Guida Sicura ACI – SARA, and Rossella Amadesi for the 40th anniversary of the CEA.

Dario Rolfi, founder of the charity “Rolfi – Freedom of Moving”, gave the trophy of the same name to the Scuderia del Portello and to Davide Valsecchi, former driver as well as SKY news correspondent for the Formula 1.

Under the stage, the “Dynamic Museum Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo” exhibited 5 cars: the Tipo 33/2 Fléron (1967), the F1 Osella Alfa Romeo FA1G (1985), the F1 De Tomaso Alfa Romeo (1961), a Formula Alfa Boxer (1987) and the Effeffe Berlinetta created by the Brothers Frigerio.