22 – 25 OCTOBER 2020

1000 Miglia and Waze along with Scuderia del Portello to support barrier-free mobility

1000 Miglia and Waze, the free navigation app with a Community of over 140 million monthly users worldwide, Mobility Partner of the race, along with other prestigious “Made in Italy” brands, will support Scuderia del Portello in the 2020 edition of the “Freccia Rossa”.
The association from Arese, since 1982, under the patronage of the parent company, has been representing the history of the Alfa Romeo sports brand by taking part in the most prestigious races all around the world. Among them the 1000 Miglia, which was the first to believe in the charity project promoted by Scuderia: “Disability and motorsport: for barrier-free mobility”.
As a guest car, indeed, there will be the Alfa Romeo 1900 TI from 1954 which was driven by the famous Clay Regazzoni, former F1 driver. After the accident which took place on the race circuit in Long Beach in 1980, Clay Regazzoni kept racing and asked to drive the Alfa Romeo 1900 of Scuderia del Portello, expressly equipped for him, in order to take part in the Carrera Panamericana (Mexico) in 2002 – a race in which Scuderia had already participated in 1954, 1990 and 1991. This Scuderia’s car, primed with the system supplied by Guidosimplex, which allows disabled people to drive, will be a testimonial during the 1000 Miglia, to support a mobility without barriers in the world of motorsport and of the car heritage by incentivizing events which will help the entities dedicated to the support and to the research in the field of the disability. Since this is quite often caused by street accidents, a particular reference to the theme of road safety will be implied. The driver of this car at the 1000 Miglia 2020 will be the young Mattia Cattapan, born in 1990, he is the first disabled athlete in Italy to compete against able-bodied athletes in the Italian Kart Cross category autocross championship.

“This year the 1000 Miglia will be an expression of Italy starting again and able to face, in safety, new challenges also in the field of road events. The partnership with Waze has precisely the aim of increasing these levels of safety as regards the development of the competition along the entire length of its route thanks to the constant monitoring of the road network offered voluntarily by members of its Community. Not only that, with Waze, 1000 Miglia wants to emphasize its commitment to raising awareness of an often-forgotten issue, that is mobility without barriers and offer continuity, together with the Scuderia del Portello, to the legacy of Clay Regazzoni exceptional testimonial for the new generations. In fact, Alfa Romeo 1900 will also participate in the 2020 edition as a guest car, prepared and driven in 2002 by Regazzoni himself” commented Alberto Piantoni, CEO of 1000 Miglia.

Dario Mancini, Regional Manager Italy and EMEA Emerging Markets comments: “According to our data, there has been an exponential increase in the use of private vehicles this year. We hope that by becoming the Mobility Partner for 1000 Miglia once again, Waze will prove to be a decisive tool to reduce the possible complications related to traffic along the many kilometers of the race. In order to allow the smooth running of the competition, it is essential that there are no traffic jams and thanks to the valuable work of our Map Editors, the road conditions will be constantly monitored in real time. We are also thrilled to support the 1000 Miglia charity project and the Scuderia del Portello through the Alfa Romeo 1900 car in spreading a positive message in support of social equity and the destruction of barriers in everyday life and in this case also in sport”.

The Scuderia del Portello’s Team Manager Andrea Cajani declared: “Our association has been representing since 1982 the Alfa Romeo sports brand by taking an actual Dynamic Museum of historic racing Alfa Romeo cars to the most prestigious events in the world. In order to find the necessary supports for restoring and conserving this car, which is one of its kind in the world, as well as to find the donations for the non-profit organizations which will join the project, we asked partners and sponsors to ‘adopt’ the car during the events. In this way they will feel involved in this initiative which brings attention to a relevant and always current theme such as the one of a mobility without barriers. This is a sponsorship kind which does not merely imply a brand positioning, but which also contributes to a charity action in the fascinating world of historic racing. Our heartfelt thanks go to 1000 Miglia srl, the first one to believe in the project, and to the other prestigious Made in Italy brands such as Camozzi Group (the historical sponsor of Clay Regazzoni) and Dell’Orto S.p.a. (the 1900 has its carburetors), as well as  to Bosch Italia and to the app Waze, with which we will collaborate during the 1000 Miglia for its being the Mobility Partner of the event”.

70th ANNIVERSARY OF ALFA ROMEO 1900, “THE FAMILY CAR WHICH WINS IN THE RACES”: two crews of the Scuderia del Portello – Sezione Benelux will race with two Alfa Romeo 1900 TI Super from 1954 and 1956

Also this year Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo will take part in the so-called “most beautiful race in the world”, the 1000 Miglia, in an edition in which the association from Arese and its crews want to pay homage to the 110th anniversary of the Alfa Romeo brand and to the 70th anniversary of the 1900, the first car to be mass produced in the plants of the Portello, Milan, in 1950, baptized “the family car which wins in the races” for the outstanding performances with which the beautiful sedan of the “Biscione” has been writing, since the very beginning, important pages in the history of the cars field.
At the start, scheduled for Thursday 22 October in Brescia, there will be (no. 272) K. Hensgens (NL) with W. van Thoor (NL), driving an Alfa 1900 TI Super from 1954, and (no. 366) G. Simons (B) with P.P. van Cleef (NL), driving an Alfa 1900 TI Super from 1956; the cars of the Scuderia del Portello’s Museo Dinamico Alfa Romeo storiche da competizione will be followed by the famous assistance vehicles of Scuderia’s “Servizio Corse”.

The 1000 Miglia will start from Brescia on Thursday 22nd October and will cross the North and the Centre of Italy in 4 stages, before returning to Brescia on Sunday 25th October. The 2020 edition will feature 400 vintage cars from the most renowned car manufacturers, testimonies of the history of design and automobile.