Cesana Torinese – Sestriere 12-14 July 2019

Scuderia del Portello took part in the 38th Hill Climb race Cesana-Sestriere, dedicated to the lawyer Giovanni Agnelli valid for the European Hill Climb Championship and the Italian Championship for the vintage race care hill climb, conquering the 1st class position with an Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI driven by Angelo Pensa.

The other drivers of the team from Arese were: Pietro Pensa with an Alfa Romeo Giulietta TI; Maurizio Primo – 2nd class position with an Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior – and Alfredo Altavilla, with an Alfa Romeo GTAM.

The President Marco Cajani with an Alfa Romeo GTAM, Leonardo and Massimo Frigerio with the Effeffe Berlinetta and Gabriele and Edoardo Dall’Angelo with an Alfa Romeo 75, on the other hand, participated in the “Cesana-Sestriere Experience” – the non-competitive hill climb.

Like every year, the Team Manager of the Scuderia del Portello Andrea Cajani assigned the “Trofeo Monzeglio Scuderia del Portello”: in this edition, the trophy was conquered by Angelo Pensa, as the driver with the most historic Alfa Romeo sedan car (a Giulietta TI from 1957) taking part in the race.

Andrea Cajani then awarded Giancarlo Quaranta (the organizer for ACI Torino of the “Cesana-Sestriere Experience”, which every year has as guests the historic Alfa Romeo racing cars belonging to the Museo Dinamico of the Scuderia del Portello) the “Trofeo Campioni Alfa Romeo”.


PHOTOS 1 and 8: Scuderia del Portello at the Cesana-Sestriere.

PHOTO 2: one of the Giulietta TI taking part in the race

PHOTO 3: Marco Cajani with a GTAM

PHOTO 4: the Effeffe Berlinetta

PHOTO 5: Edoardo Dall’Angelo with an Alfa Romeo 75

PHOTO 6: Andrea Cajani awards Angelo Pensa the “Trofeo Monzeglio Scuderia del Portello”

PHOTO 7: Andrea Cajani awards Giancarlo Quaranta the “Trofeo Campioni Alfa Romeo”