109^ Alfa Romeo Anniversary – Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, 30 June 2019

A big success for the celebration of the 109th Alfa Romeo Anniversary, promoted by the organizers of the Monza Festival of Speed in collaboration with Scuderia del Portello and Autodromo di Monza – Track Days.

The more than 150 Alfa Romeo cars which participated in the event, for speed laps on the race track or just for the parade, have shown the evolution of the legendary “Biscione” brand, from the Alfa Romeo 1900 model from 1952 to the more recent Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

On the occasion, Scuderia del Portello showed a few of the cars belonging to its “Museo Dinamico Alfa Romeo Storiche da Competizione”, thus narrating the history of the Alfa Romeo sports sedan.

The Alfisti and the Clubs taking part in the event did not come only from Italy, but also from foreign Countries such as Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal.

The appointment is for the next year, to celebrate the 110th anniversary; given the premises and the big success of this first edition at the Monza race track, it will see for sure an even bigger number of enrolments.

You can see the photos shot during the event at this Facebook link (the folder dedicated to the Anniversary will be constantly updated):


Photos by Ludovica Maria Sole Demurtas, Matteo Nespoli and Scuderia del Portello

1.The Team of the Scuderia del Portello and the Alfisti during the Awards Ceremony

2.3. The Alfa Romeo cars during the parade at the Monza race track

4. The “Museo Dinamico Alfa Romeo Storiche da competizione Scuderia del Portello”: la storia della berlina sportiva Alfa Romeo