On occasion of the 2H endurance for GTS cars “signed” Gruppo Peroni Race at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza, at the hospitality stand of the Scuderia del Portello on Friday June 14 took place the “baptism on the race track” of the new car GT ECORACING “Nanni Galli”, conceived by Tecno Montecarlo Engineering with the Finnish engineer Sami Vatanen. The car, introduced to the public in collaboration with Alfa Racing Club and Scuderia del Portello Alfa Romeo, is the kind with an engine Alfa Romeo V8 which boasts more than 500 HP, with alternative energies, LPG-fueled and with bioethanol – both considered “eco” by the F.I.A. for the cars of the category VIII, currently real alternatives for the reduction of CO2 also in the professional motorsport.

The car was driven by Arturo Merzario (Honorary President of Scuderia del Portello), Fulvio Maria Ballabio (President of Alfa Racing Club and of Tecno Montecarlo) and Oscar Lello Comi.

The evening, introduced by Andrea and Marco Cajani – respectively Team Manager and President of Scuderia del Portello –, saw the presence of several members of the National and International press, as well as of a big group of the gentlemen drivers members of the Team from Arese.


The week end saw actually a huge participation of the driver members of Scuderia del Portello, who raced in the Campionato Italiano Autostoriche and in the Alfa Revival Cup with several kinds of Alfa Romeo historic racing cars, produced from the end of the Fifties to the beginning of the Eighties: Alessandro and Emanuele Morteo, Alberto Bergamaschi, Eugenio Mosca, Renato Benusiglio, Mauro Simoncini, Federico Buratti, Emilio Petrone, Christian Ondrak, Mathias Körber, Fabrizio Zamuner, Roberto Restelli, Francesco Ramacciotti, Francesco Liberatore, Franz Slama, Roberto Arnaldi, Giovanni Serio and Fred Della Noce.

Among the most relevant victories: in the Campionato Italiano Autostoriche, Bergamaschi achieved the 1st class position with his Alfa Romeo GTV 2000, while Alessandro Morteo, with his Alfa Romeo GTAm, achieved the 1st class position as well as the 3rd overall position in the second grouping.