By achieving the class and group victories during the 2 Ore di Magione, thanks to Alessandro Morteo, who drove an Alfa Romeo GTAM, and to Alberto Bergamaschi (with his codriver Stefano Caprotti), who drove an Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, Scuderia del Portello won the Campionato Italiano Velocità in pista Autostoriche 2019 respectively in the classes TC/2000 and T/2000.

Therefore, in the overall rank of the group G2/H1, for cars built from 1970 to 1975, Alessandro Morteo is Italian Champion, while Alberto Bergamaschi (with Stefano Caprotti) is Vice-Italian Champion, before the BMW competitors.


Alessandro Morteo is also the winner of the Team Championship 2019 Scuderia del Portello, a result achieved by obtaining best results in comparison to other 50 driver members of the team who during the year, with historic Alfa Romeo cars, took part in prestigious races all around the world – not just in Europe, but also in Japan, China and United States.


1 – Alessandro Morteo on the podium

2 – Alessandro Morteo driving an Alfa Romeo GTAM

3 – Alberto Bergamaschi with his codriver Stefano Caprotti on the podium

4 – Alberto Bergamaschi driving an Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV