The F1 cars belonging to the Museo Dinamico Alfa Romeo storiche da competizione of the Scuderia del Portello were protagonist at the “Monza Fuori GP”, the yearly kermesse whose list of events animate the historical center of Monza city, quite close to the Autodromo Nazionale where the Italian GP takes place.

The exhibition – presented in collaboration with RMC Motori, Città di Monza, Tripla E and Bosch Italia – delighted the huge public (around 250,000 people during the 4 days) with very rare formel cars which have an Alfa Romeo engine: the De Tomaso Alfa Romeo (1961), the 183T “Benetton” (1983) and the Osella FA1G (1985), cars which Scuderia del Portello takes on the race tracks every year in the most prestigious events all around the world.

The stand of the Museo Dinamico Scuderia del Portello was also a “frame” for the stage which hosted the big events organized by RMC Motori, broadcasted live on La6TV and Canale Italia during the program PADDOCK presented by Franco Bobbiese, events which had as guests very famous people connected to the motorsport field such as – just to mention a few – Lapo Elkann, Jean Alesi, Davide Valsecchi, Antonio Liuzzi, Stefano Domenicali and Antonio Giovinazzi.

Antonio Mariani, Enrico Squarzina, Paolo Ciccarone and Carlo Gaeta (the staff of RMC Motori), along with the Mayor of Monza Allevi and the Council Members Arbizzoni and Longo, gave the “Trofeo Motorsport Passion 2019” to the abovementioned celebrities, to Andrea and Marco Cajani of the Scuderia del Portello for the sports merits, and to Italian companies which represent the excellence of the technology at the service of the mobility and of the safety in the automotive field, such as Bosch Italia which showed a Fiat 500 Elettrica and an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio on occasion of the presentation of the innovative instrument “Call4U”.

Other trophies were given to the members of the Scuderia del Portello (“Trofeo Nanni Galli”), to Fulvio Maria Ballabio and Peo Consonni, who prepared the Montecarlo Tecnho “Nanni Galli” with Alfa Romeo engine (GPL), and to the Frigerio Brothers who designed the Effeffe Berlinetta. These cars are unique in the world, too, and were on view at the stand of the Museo Dinamico. The Awards Ceremony of the “Trofeo Motorsport Passion 2019”, by RMC Motori, will be broadcasted, as a repeat, on Thursday September 12 (at 8.30 pm) on the channels La6TV (86 of the DTT) and Canale Italia (83 of the DTT) during the program BOBBGEAR.


1 and 6: The Museo Dinamico Scuderia del Portello at the “Monza Fuori GP 2019”

2 e 3: Lapo Elkann at the stand of the Museo Dinamico Scuderia del Portello

4: The Team Manager Andrea Cajani receives the “Trofeo Motorsport Passion 2019”

5: The Montecarlo Techno “Nanni Galli” with the Mayor Allevi and the Council Member Arbizzoni along with Peo Consonni, Fulvio Maria Ballabio, Antonio Mariani and Andrea Cajani